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Friday, July 06, 2007

update in 2 days time.

Guaranteed. =)

ghimz posted at 9:05 PM

Sunday, February 25, 2007

i think this is wad i really want for her.

hope she really is happy n she can move on now.

-ghimz out

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Monday, January 08, 2007

[V Bash - In Vogue 20th Jan - St. James] ~PRU~ ghimzzz says:
pls tell me why i make my own life miserable or tiring or stress or wadnot..

.laine. says:

.laine. says:

[V Bash - In Vogue 20th Jan - St. James] ~PRU~ ghimzzz says:
can't rite

[V Bash - In Vogue 20th Jan - St. James] ~PRU~ ghimzzz says:

[V Bash - In Vogue 20th Jan - St. James] ~PRU~ ghimzzz says:
cos i fan jian

.laine. says:
cause you haven found yr reason of NOT working so hard..

[V Bash - In Vogue 20th Jan - St. James] ~PRU~ ghimzzz says:

what is my reason? where is that reason?

Please tell me.

-ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 11:52 PM

Sunday, December 31, 2006

shiweii sayz my posts are getting depressive... anyway time to update this blog for the last time before the year concludes, ya?

had a very good nite yest although it was somewhat disrupted from my original intention for the nite.... was home at 9pm for the FIRST time in god-knows-how-long time, and was planning to jus nua and msn the nite away, when our dear oneclevergirl, ms rachel called up n we decided to meet..

we hung around at my place for a while as i've to settle the bash publicity proposal (PRU V-Bash, St James Powerstation 20th January $15 per tix + 1 free drink~!!!) finally left my house at about 12 plus, went food hunting... apparently my favourite porridge store jus opposite my block has CLOSED DOWN... -_- luckily the taxi uncle was nice enough to accomodate us, travelling almost to SAFTI to look for food.

we finally ended up at the kopi tiam we always called the "179 bak cho mee" (NTU ppl, u guys should know tt place well) some things changed, like now, there's this giant MRT line that runs parallel to the road beside the coffeeshop, and the road looks entirely different from wad i remembered... then again, alot of things remained unchanged, the noodles was still good, the bbq wings was acceptable, though abit charred, and the company, as always, has been really good =)

had a nice long chat n walk wif shiwei after our supper (my supper, her dinner) and we talked abt all sorta stuff, i guess its really true, wif some frens, u can jus go on n on the whole nite and it won't feel strained... i agree wif her theory of 1 on 1 outings: in a group outing, u can really crap n talk n make lotsa nonsensical joke n laugh as a group, but in a 1 on 1, its really down to 2 people being able to communicate and entertain each other. and this doesn't jus apply to ppl in courtship, but frens as well...

well, its been 6 years that i knew this girl le... some things changed, some things jus doesn't, and its jus wonderful to hv such a good fren around knowing u can count on. and its going tobe 10 years for my ncc gess buddies... 10 years... who can guess that when i first joined ncc in 1997 it would be these 10+ brothers that would still be among my good frens after 10 years?

was talking to shan the other nite at yishun BK... long term frens are really hard to find, n friends that you can safely say falls into this imaginary circle of trust is even harder, i'm glad to have found a couple of these kinda frens... i make frens easily, but i guess its hard to reveal my feelings n innermost thoughts to alot of ppl...

10 years of brothers, many more to come
6 yrs of frenship, many many more to come also

i hope everyone will hv somebody they can truely say is their close frens.

i know i do.

ghimz out. =)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

who the hell gives a shit about me?

as if.

ghimz posted at 12:23 AM

Thursday, November 30, 2006


wad a funny term...

gives u happiness, provides comfort for u

and yet, they can be a source of sadness too, give u worries, disappoint you when expectations are raised...

i guess good frens are really hard to come by, even when u tot u've found good frens, or when u know they're ur good frens, but circumstances jus brings u all apart, less contact... n gradually the "feeling" fades away too...

they say close frens needs little contact, when they meet again, its like they nv parted.

bull shit lah.

not tt i'm not a disbeliever, but it definitely doesn't apply to every single damn case.

i'm jus thankful for all the frens i've now, thankful for those tt came in, sadly left, but occassionally will "you qing ke chuan" and appear again... =) thanks for amaking my life so exciting, so varied, so enjoyable till now.

oh well... jus another irrelevant post with no meaning.

18hrs away to the end of yr 2 sem 2.

18hrs away to beginning my real workload.

holidays? schm-olidays...

i can hardly wait.

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 10:35 PM

4 papers.

jus 1 more left.

well, all this semester cumulates into these 5 days of exams...

at least its finally ending soon

which means

holidays are starting...

hmmm wad kinda holiday will i have man...

1) RH Touch Rugby IHG Practise every mon thur n sat.
2) PRU Chalet 9th till 10th dec
3) SLC from 11th till 14th dec
4) Charity concert planning
5) Campus Concert?
6) Search for Breakers PD
7) PRU Bash
8) FLV
9) Open House
10)Sec sch frens m'sia trip

suddenly i wish the exams dun end so soon....

and then there's her... hmmm well, she's getting very busy with her frens lately, been very active with her secondary sch frens, tt's really nice. well, jus see how much free time she n i hv ba... i won't give up, but does she care?

haha all this post is making me sound damn demoralised...

come to think of it...



ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 1:24 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

*knock knock*

jus a sound out to all u guys out here: i'm still around =)

awwww shucks.....

oei, i heard that lah...

it has been a really hectic week,













do i sound spastic or wad... u get the point.

been trying to ignore or pretty much, leave my other parts of my life as it is, i guess others also wan it to be like that ba... shall pick up the pieces and carry on after exams.

i'm not exactly stressing myself out too much, i know its pretty impossible to maintain that idiotic CRAP score

oh, CAP... sorry.

but yeah, i jus wanna do myself justice, justify my existence and my studying in this course, if can do better, that's a bonus.

i guess this is wad i really want for my uni, grades-wise...

for you, i've only this to say:

Not all guys are assholes. Just because ONE is a jackass doesnt mean he represents ALL of us.
Give me a chance, and i'll show u i'm different...

its been a hectic semester, next sem's gonna be unbelievable still.

lets jus hope everybody will enjoy wadever you wanna do, n everybody is happy =)

ghimz out.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Blog no. #322

sinking into a low again.

can jus feel it.

no particular incident or thing.

but it jus happens.

charity concert
ntu smu nus talent quest
pru profile
family time
hall clique
touch rugby
gess buddies

i need time

will we do well?
will pru ppl become closer?
will my frens think i'm jus trying to siam touch rug training?
will my buddies think i'm distancing from them? i hope not...
will my plans be fulfilled?
will my grades suffer?
will my seniors help me?
will my fellow ppl stand by me all the way?

will things work out for me between me n her?

am i grooming a group of 1 year wonders, or will i cultivate a group of yr 2 core seniors, or will this turn out to be neither of the above?

am i jus complicating my own life?
am i jus making my own choices n equations harder and tougher to look at?
am i getting into another low phase?
am i?
am i??
am i???

why do i keep getting these bouts of low-ness?
why do i stress myself?
why is my hand trembling from time to time?

i need to find myself back again

i need to recover

i need time.

time is a luxury tt i can't hv.

i'll be back.

ghimz will be back.

-ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 1:10 AM

Sunday, October 01, 2006

its jus so hard to like some one, is it?

or is it jus me that i jus hv to fall for her?

would things hv been diff if we're all in diff circumstances?

its a difficult journey, but i've walked this road for so long, why turn back? why drop out?


i shall persist.

i dun hv much hope, only a fool's hope.

-ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 1:08 AM

Saturday, September 09, 2006

jus came back from rag comm qing gong yan.

there is only 1 word i can use to describe my rag comm.


didn't knew how much i missed my rag comm ppl until today when we finally had a great chance to sit down, chat, eat, crap, basically jus enjoying the pure company of each other, with no work in mind or agenda or deadlines to meet for some rag thingy.

looking at jocelyn socialising so actively, trying to serve the mushrooms, (only for it to fall onto the table) and khin trying desperately to avoid being smashed by either sea weed or wadever gooey stuff that liang han or hong keat gets their hands on, and looking at everybody jus having a wonderful time, it occured to me:

rag is really a strong bond.

the bond that came about from those few months n weeks of planning, and the final 2 weeks, it really showed here. min yee, shuying, tze, khin, jocelyn, shawn, andy, liang han, hong keat and dias looking ever so comfortable wif each other, think i'm really happy that this comm has came together so well, dispelling all of my initial fears tt i can't bond these ppl.

These ppl bond each other easily without any help =)

looking at the card that they gave me jus now, the words all meant alot to me. even if its jus a single liner, or alot of pictures of animals and a zoo... it all touched me and made me all warm and fuzzy inside... although i really dun needa celeb my bday or anything, it really moved me when i see them bringing the cake suddenly and jus breaking into yet another rendition of the "happy birthday" song...

i could hv freezed time and wished for it to stay at that time for as long as possible.
at least i held back any outburst of emotions =)

i can't help but keep saying, these ppl are really a great bunch of peeps to be with, i can't put it in any way better than pictures, so i'll be posting pics up soon....

all in all...

i really loved my rag comm ppl...

wadever you do, do it wif passion, do it wif hope, do it with zest.

unofficially, i've closed Rag Comm 2006 (cos me not PD.. hehe... :P)

-ghimz out. out wif a smile

ghimz posted at 4:04 AM

Friday, September 08, 2006

i think

i am ready.

ghimz posted at 12:38 AM

Monday, September 04, 2006

...i wonder who will remember

ghimz posted at 12:53 PM

had a very bad sleep yesterday nite.

i dunno why, but kept thinking about PRU...

very worrying...

i've told my frens before, i need to hv my frens to support me and be with me wadever i do, be it being rag, being projs or whatnots...

frens helped me out for all the stuff PRU did last sem...

frens kept me sane n pulled me thru Rag 2006...

am i taking my frens for granted? i hope not.

because for the first time since university, i'm really afraid.


i'm not sure if i should go one step further in PRU...

i'm not one that goes into a situation half cocked and not confident of my actions. i was clear about wad i wanted for Rag, and i set out to do it.

But PRU, i can't figure out why, but i've a bad omen about going one step further...

i'm not sure about the support i'll hv among my peers...


who will be my PDs...

who will stick wif me for 1 more year?


should i take it up? but who will be there with me?


am i taking my frens for granted?

-ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 11:21 AM

Sunday, September 03, 2006

*in love wif chocolate creame oreos*

its been like 1 yr plus since i last ate oreos... jus can't believe i've been missing out on this good shit for so long..

k pardon my language, but its really GOOD sh*t.

it's been a very slow weekend, compared to the hectic and mad rush 1 month ago, things are really toned down.

i wonder if i'll ever get used to this slower life without rushing admin docs, brainstorming and deconflicting rag day stuff.
guess i've no choice but to try.

its been only 3 weeks since rag day ended... but 12th august seemed so distant already.

...those days of working in the unearthly hours of 4am n 5am at nussu sect, reading, re-reading and re-re-reading pieces of synopsis to try to ensure not 2 synopsis are the SAME.

...rushing to and fro the stadium to check out rag day plans, to imagine how rag day would be like, to lay canvas wif my reliable comm members.

...praying to all kinda gods for good weather throughout rag week, and cursing and swearing at the heavens for giving me 3 days of solid downpours.

...the late nite dinner (at 1am~!! sorry loggies :P), going to bukit timah, adam road for good supper/dinner, KFC on mounting nite, the tau huay trip that nv materialised.

i can't help but thank whoever's up there manipulating or directing my fate. i've learnt alot from rag and from my frens, although my old temper's coming back, at least i've frens that can tolerate it and time and again remind me to curb it.

"ghim" will not be a nasty word again, this i'll try to do :)

think i've lost track of wad i wanted to blog about, ended up talking abt rag day again...

anyway i guess wif the passing of a yr, there will be ppl tt will go to the edges of our social circle as more ppl come in and leave.

to all my frens: you are very cherished and very appreciated by me. i cannot help but thank for your existence in my life, u could hv choose not to share your experiences n life wif me, but you did.

hmmm this is getting blardy cheesy... wadever happened to my original blogging intentions?


"hope i dun give you false hopes"

i nv had much hopes, only a fool's hope

hope gives me a sense of purpose in life.

i hope all those loved by me will always happy.

Simple Realisation:

enjoy wadever you do =)

-ghimz back to being a normal stressed up NUS chao mugger...

ghimz posted at 1:36 PM

Thursday, August 31, 2006


trying to get some blogging inspiration.

i should really be studying

but my motor's jus not starting... post-rag-syndrome?

at least lectures are now making sense to me, rather than being sessions for me to blow air con or reading off the back of my eyelids.

life has sorta settled down into a routine of sorts: lectures, tutorials, lunch, more lectures, more tutorials, back to RH for tea/dinner, fussball, stone in room/touch rugby training/ road race training...

but somethings missing


alot of things are missing.

  1. lee jiaxing
  2. elaine hee yee ling
  3. rabbit tan chuan seng
  4. khin khin htwet
  5. patrick lin ngai lung
  6. Sin Jin

hall life without that usual big gang of people jus seems so dull, so monotonous... exactly 1 yr ago, we'll be at the RH concert bash jus making a fool out of a particular guy L_W_ _ NCE, dancing the night away, drinking flaming mambos, tequila shots, pops, n jus being wild.

1 yr on... its the same concert bash, abeit diff cast n diff ppl.

but i'm not at the bash. it jus feels empty ba without these crazy ppl tog

we all move on n carry on wif out hectic lives, we hv to keep looking forward.

let everything take its natural course, dun push it too hard?

take ur time, give her space.

mai kan cheong???

-ghimz out

ghimz posted at 7:51 PM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

like i've told yushan n others,

uni life is meant to be fun, enriching

i wan to PLAY, play not int he negative sense of the work, i want to play when i work, play when i interact, play when i'm doing things wif good company.

i want everything in university to be enjoyable, to play and to participate n make good of everything that comes my way.

perhaps i'm stressing myself out for no reason, perhaps i'm freaking out at the slightest touch.

perhaps we all need a little time for ourselves.

perhaps i've lost touch with the ghim of last yr, the smiley, cheery guy.

traces of that ghim is still in me, i jus need to find it back.

with her around, my life is happy.

to all my frens, sorry if u hv been ghim-ed in one way or another, u all are equally important n treasured by me, this i swear.

sorry mys ec sch buddies tt i've left u guys out of my life for the past 2 months, it sucked, i really wanna meet up every weekend at coffee club n chill until 3am with u guys...

to my rag comm, i love u wonderful ppl.

ghim will be back in 1 week's time

he will feel refreshed
he will realise that there is no need to frown
he will know that every smile he makes brighten up the day of another
he will understand that even if times are down, a true person can still smile and remain optimistic
he will regain his optimism and happiness.
he will embrace uni n life like he did 1 yr ago.

ghim will be back.

trust me :)

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 3:24 PM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 more days to rag day...

good luck ppl.

ghimz, jia you....

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 1:11 AM

Friday, July 28, 2006

i jus wish i can leave it all behind.

so many things on my mind.

so confusing the situations

or so i thought?

jus recalled the 3 days in dayang...

it was all so serene, the sun, sand, sea

the sea,

clear blue, sparkling and all beautiful in the wonderful sun light, it reaches out to you, yearning you to jus explore its deep mysteries, at the same time, giving u a crystal clear view of all that is around you, a literal blue castle...

at night, its calm and rythmic splashing of the waves against the white sand is such a soothing melody, like the sea is trying to cleanse ur mind of all frustrations,

shutting out all sounds, closing ur eyes, ur mind is at peace, ur body relaxed, lying flat on the cool sand, u can't help but wish you can stay in that position forever.

i think i stayed in that position for at least 2 hours, it was totally perfect, serene, utopia at that moment, nobody around, everybody else was busy with their own rumblings and tumblings, and it was jus the sea, the sand and myself.

my mind is so relaxed, my body was at peace wif the confused mind. and everything was nice and quiet.

no issues to think about, no personal probs to speak of, no need for worries.

its jus the sun, sand, sea, and me.

i want to return.

to where the sea is blue, the sand is pure white, where the sun is bright, where everything is moving at an idyllic pace and no worries to speak about.

i want to return there.

where i belong.

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 10:20 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I need to get away from my life

... for 5 seconds

... away from rag

... away from my issues tt seemingly appear out of no where

... away from things tt alwys seemed out of my control

... away from my own life.

give me dayang,
give me hong kong,
give me life without care,
give me carefree,
give me no deadlines,
give me love with no strings attached.

give me a break.

.:: ghimz out ::.

ghimz posted at 8:24 PM

Saturday, July 01, 2006

woooOOO hhhhhhooooOOOOOOO~~~!!!

finally back after a 6 week hiatus from blogging.. despite the constant "okay, we shall blog soon" agreement between elaine n i, the "tian shi di li ren he" jus don't seem to click for me to really blog....

in other words,

i'm fricking lazy.

mr sleepy 2006

and it doesn't help that it takes you 148593729000000000 seconds jus to get the laptop loaded. intel centrino indeed...

if only i remembered which poor undergrad conned me into buying this alien technology....

shall be doing up a killer long blog that i can't even bear to read (warning to shiwei~!!!) but there'll be PICs coming up too~!!

keep yours eyes peeled for diving pics, crazy diving posers who takes pictures of themselves more than the fishes or corals, the bday gal elaine, crazy drinking nite tt resulted in numerous drunkards outside club momo and not to forget, long awaited pics of yours truely,

as an appetizer, here's a recent pic

jeeuuuussssss kiddingggg

oh, and dun worry i'm not into animals yet (lest not endangered ones)

oh well, jus to let the world know i'm still around and still alive, and for all the world cup watchers so far, let me make my stand clear, forget about england, forget about portugal, argentina's old news, italy's plain boring.

lets hope for a germany vs brazil final.

joga bonito~~~

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 5:15 PM

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

jus came back from my 1st pool session at outram sec sch...

today turned out really badly, everything planned didn't go quite as well, but thankfully the diving lesson was great and at least gave the day a good closure.

like jx said, taking my first breathe of tank air was really refreshing, diving's a whole different affair, all the behaviours underwater, all the things to do, note, and yet at the same time, sorta like empowering urself with the ability to do more things in a place which u can't do before.

empowering urself.

empower myself everyday to handle all the challenges.

dropped elaine perry ivan n gideon and jx drove us to boon lay market to have the Boon Lay "POWER" nasi lemak... not as "POWER" as before sia, only so so nia... but the chillie is still DAMN GOOD LAH... must try :)

against the doctor's orders of strict no-alcohol, had a heineken, jus like 2 ah pehs at a kopi tiam, we sat for a while n chatted... hmmm... giveit 20-30 years, i can actually picturing myself with some of my frens meeting up occassionally (frequently???) at a kopi tiam and do this... ahhh... the simply pleasures of life, at only $6 for a large bottle of heineken and free flow of ice =)

back in the comforts of home.

time to hit the sack, long day tml.

stay cheerful dude :)
laugh or sad, everyday still must pass, my as well pass everyday happily? :)

ghimz out. out wif a smile.

ghimz posted at 12:41 AM

Monday, May 15, 2006

ghimz: lifeless monster?

met up with fel and had lunch wif her, was talking about how we'll spend our holidays and how much of our times would be given up to our projects..

2 week forcast

came to school, expecting to meet events company contractor, end up they changed it to tml. decided to change the evening contractor appointment till tml too. hopefully they dun last min pang seh us again.

to meet med rag head, events contractor

11am till 5pm meeting for rag and flag

10.30 till 2pm meeting for programmers, afternoon ktv wif frens

self declared rest day, nobody can take this away from me. if they try to give me work or meetings, they're asking for trouble... haha

19th till 21st
diving trip with hall peeps

rest day and family day

hosting for hong kong university

23rd till 25th
PRU chalet

Rag comm meeting


sianz... feeling quite down after looking at my schedule... esp how much of my time goes tot work before the releasing of results...

hmmm shan't think about it, it's giving me negative energy and sapping away my cheeriness...

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 5:28 PM

Sunday, May 14, 2006

hmmmm... end of a week alr... that meanst i'm into my 2nd week of hols le...

ktv - done
mj- done
movie: mi3 - done
movie: poseidon - done


ktv: not enough
mj: not enough
movies: da vinci code, x man 3, etc etc.. too many good shows coming up :)
swim: only once, not enough
run: huh? got meh?

hmmm guess i'm still behind my schedule...

packed up my room today, now it looks really really empty, its jus an empty shell now.

was flipping all the stuff that jus basically took up living space and was left by itself, ignored by me. all those stuff dates back to sec 1 days... photo albums, sch mags, dinosaur magazines (was really crazy about it back then~!!). although they r really dusty n stuff, u can feel the "history" behind all of them and jus realise how much times have changed, abeit its jus a short span of 9 years...

remember the days when we would exchange autograph books and write stuffs n decorate each other's books and leave behind photos n all for memories? esp during primary 6 and lower sec... haha stumbled onto my primary sch autograph book. remember cheesy poems like this:

roses are red
violets are blue
i love my friends
and you are one too!

haha, and there would be stuff like nicknames, best frens, good frens, close frens etc etc.... i doubt any kids does these stuff these days.

moving onto sec sch's stuff, i found my old ncc beret and all the photos took wif my ncc bros, all those days, under the hot sun, doing pushups and foot drills on the hot tarmac parade square, hands red and sore and sweat drenched t-shirts. dressed in our smart no. 3 uniform (that's the no. 4 with all the badges in ncc sense) those were the days that cemented the strong n great frens that i have today. and to think gess was my last choice for sec sch =)

i'll give it all to be in gess even if i've a choice to choose another sec sch...

then there was also the national inter school debates.. those days n nites preparing out debate speeches, rehearsing them infront of miss d'costa and our team members, cheering each other on during the actual competition, and feeling the pride when we were annouced the winner for that round... those speaker's notes were found in an old dusty shoebox....

not to mention there were photos, photos and more photos... pity i dun hv a workign scanner now, shall get some of those more classic pics uploaded when possible =)

the old days are great, we all grew and we all move on, was talking to felicia at crazy 3am yesterday, we chatted about all sorta stuffs, one of them was about how diff i was between now and my sec sch self.. really had to thank my sec sch frens for helping me become the person i am today. and my jc frens gave me the avenue to develop my lame side even further (alert: Andy, Jinhui, Beng, Xu Chu, Zhi Hao, Raymond etc etc)

as i packed my stuff today, i saw that little young ghim song grew up from a little fatty whose width matches his height to a decent boy in ncc attire, roughing it out with great companions. this little boy then moved on to become a normal jc kid that mugged his days away and whiled his time playing pool and b-ball with his jc frens, who refused to play soccer for soem funny reason.

today, this boy has became ghim.

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 7:24 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2006

4.09 am

another entertainment packed-day jus ended.

went over to wen hui's hse for mj in afternoon. =) long time never see her and xin tian le~!! we played 1 round at a relaxing pace and jus basically caught up with each other. xin tian has started on her attachment, so not gonna hv much more chances to meet up with her le.

in a way, she was majiam vip today la? hahaha

we played till about 6 plus, and liang han came over with this bottle of vodka with coffee taste... it smelled DAMN GOOD LAH~!!! but stupid me have my doctor's orders to detox for the entire duration of my pimple med... *&#$(&@#&^(&*@

(p.s. took a small sip of it later in the day, it was GOOD... =( i want more... argh...)

had dinner at this zi cha place near wen hui's house... the food's decent and the chicken wing was sweet... another good place to hv dinner next time :)

went over to town to meet up with ed, jw, cy and pei heng, stoned aorund for a while before suddenly they decided to go for ktv~~ was quite stunned by it, but nevertheless we went to k-ster at lucky chinatown and sang till abotu 3 plus..

so all in all, today:
  1. very shag (played from 2pm today till 3am jus now...)
  2. very shiok (dmj, wad can i say... ktv, even better :D)
  3. very shuang (play like nobody's business today and chilled around wif great company)
  4. very poor (lose money in mj + spending at ktv + spending on cabs...)
  5. very sleepy (eh... damn obvious why rite?)

jus got news that wen hui, xin tian, andy n felix they all jus finished mj... haha kaoz... they also very happening sia...

ghimz out. concussed.

ghimz posted at 4:12 AM

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

it jus hit me...

that it's been only 1 week since i had my last paper, that disgusting module only known as cn1111...

and it already seemed like i'm halfway or well into the hols mood already... wow... amazing..

but in anycase, i know i'm not gonna get tired or sick of this holiday, not jus yet, when i've yet to do so many things n yet to get sick of ktv, mj, shopping, soccer, pool, swimming, EVERYTHING but books :) (who will ever get sick of fun man?)

hmmmm msn's been giving me all sorta funny probs, was quite worried about it. but then, after 10++ repairs + uninstall + reinstall + sending emails to customer support, i've decided to give up on it and jus use it as muchas i can lah. let it "naturally heal" by itself :) i'm so natural.... *lame*

haiz, kk, think i shall go play some games :0 beena longtime since i've touched those comp games, getting kinda rusty at it alr man... :) haha

cya all.

enjoy ur hols.

more updates to follow.

ghimz out.

ghimz posted at 10:45 PM

its 2am but the sky's red...

the sky's painted a weird red colour now, like its burning or sorts.

went to sch today for rag (surprise surprise... -_- ) and spent the whole morning goign to each of the halls to meet up with the heads, no probs so far, apparently this yr's rag heads are friendlier and consultative, thats really good and hopefully this rag would turn out fine.

after meeting up with the PBs, met elaine n rabbit at RH, they looked tired (rabbit usually always gives that kinda face, elaine looks out of sorts, maybe cos didn't get the korean fix? :P )
anyway we had lunch at ghim moh market, where edward recommended the chicken rice store at the market. Really good, should give it a try whenever u're free. =)

hmmm after which we went back to RH and concussed for a good part of the afternoon.. the sleep was good, though i was kinda freaked out by my dreams... those interested to know more abt it, msg me...

argh... too tired to blog anymore... lousy boring entry today, but hey, at least i've updated :P

ghimz out. knocked out.

ghimz posted at 1:18 AM

Monday, May 08, 2006

ugly moment, but wad the hell, at least daryl looks good (p.s. daryl, u owe me $10 bucks for advertising for u)

ghimz posted at 6:40 PM

wondering how does this ktv thingy work....

ghimz posted at 6:39 PM

who cares abt ktv? say che---EXAMS OVER---ese~!!!

ghimz posted at 6:39 PM

said hello to